2014 Laptop Lists Introduction

It is hard to imagine the world without computers. Not many people remember the good old days before technology was in every household, as difficult as it is for many kids to believe this is even true. Some of us do remember those first years of the computer age. One thing that stands out is the memory of those rectangular cards in which you punched holes to indicate your choice on some matter or another. DO NOT BEND SPINDLE OR MUTILATE was the caution given. Apparently, the computers in those days were huge – most of us never saw them but that’s what we were toldold_computer_012-550x470

Technology, in the case of computers, took off like a runaway train. The personal or desktop computer combined with the internet to change the world as we know it. A personal computer was a great thing because everyone could have one in their own home. So, just as everyone a generation earlier had to have a television set, so everyone wanted to have a computer and most people got one.

The next big thing was the laptop computer. Whereas the PC brought the world of computing to the masses, the laptop allowed the masses to take their computers to the beach. It was all about portability and it is clear that portability is still a very desirable feature in our informational technology devices. Tablets and Smartphones are two of the devices which followed laptops. Some people might say they have made laptops obsolete but this is a premature observation. While Smartphones and Tablets have their place the advantage of a laptop is that it can do everything a desk computer can do. So, if you like the convenience of portability but like a keyboard, as opposed to a touch screen and want to be able to research, write and format, a laptop may be for you.

If you go online and do a search for laptops, or laptop lists, you will get an almost overwhelming result. Before you even begin to look through the lists you need to think carefully about what you really want.tablet-or-laptop-which-should-i-buy

  • Do you really need a laptop or will a more portable tablet or smartphone work just as well for you.
  • If you do need a full blown grown up computer do you have to take it with you all the time? A laptop is portable, but you don’t usually forget your desktop computer at a donut shop.
  • So yes, you do want a laptop. From here you might take one of two approaches. If you have identified the features you want to scan the lists to look for laptops with those features. If you are not sure about what you need check out several lists to see what different models offer that you might like.
  • If the price is an issue there are lists that describe products within specific price ranges.

The articles on this site are designed to help you find the best possible laptops for your needs. One nice thing about shopping for laptops is that less expensive doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper. Some of the brands that were listed under $500 got better reviews than the models that were selling for $2000 or more.

There are many different companies selling laptops and any one company might offer several different models. It is a daunting task to try to analyze and compare one list to another. Three models stood out for one or more of the following reasons, the price was right, a special feature stood out, more than one list featured them. Here they are:

Consider these as a possible starting point for looking, rather than a recommendation. Take your time and really think about what you want and need. If you can’t decide between models start asking around to see if anyone you know and trust has one of the models you are looking at. If so, you may have your tie breaker right there. Now go check out those lists: If they could talk each model might be saying come learn about us.

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