Top 5 Business Laptops

When it comes to choosing the top five business laptops, there is a lot of information that has to be disseminated. There are so many laptops that are currently available on the market and it seems like each and every one of them claim that they are better than all the rest. Addition, technology is rapidly changing and this means that new products are becoming available almost constantly. However, choosing a business laptop is probably one of the most important decisions that a business professional can ever make. Below are a list of the top five business laptops along with a short synopsis of the most prominent features.

1) HP Chromebook 11hpCHROME11

This is a laptop that is available in the medium price range that is practically ideal for individuals that do the overwhelming majority of their work on Google Drive. In addition, it is designed to be both durable and lightweight and it is quite thin, especially for a professional laptop. It also comes with a display that is clear and designed to reduce strain on the eyes and it has 4G LTE capability. This particular laptop is fast and it is able to store a large amount of information and handle a great deal of punishment without having a problem. Even though it is geared directly toward Google Drive, its features make it one of the best decisions that business professionals can make.

2) Apple MacBook Proold-MacBook-Pro-13-640x386

Many people tout all of the benefits of using Apple products and some business professionals will not use anything except Apple. This particular unit has a 15 inch retina display and is considered to be the best product that is available from Apple at this time. Much like the Chromebook, it is somewhat limited when it comes to compatibility. This is a product that operates on an Apple operating system and as a result, it is not compatible with Windows or any other type of PC. However, its durability and the fact that all of its features and its operating system are well tested make it one of the best choices available for those professionals who already use Apple products exclusively.

3) Dell Latitude 14

Beauty shot of a Dell Latitude E7440 Touch 14-inch notebook computer.

Rugged ExtremeThis is a laptop that is designed for business professionals that are frequently in conditions that are unforgiving. As a result, it is typically able to stand up to the rigors of being tossed around or being in unsanitary environments much more effectively than a typical laptop. While it is able to successfully handle these problems, it is also one of the heavier units available and it is several inches thick, reminiscent of the earlier days of laptops as opposed to something that is going to be around for the future. Having said that, the fact that it is one of the few systems that is designed exclusively to operate in rugged conditions makes it a good option for anyone that typically finds themselves in these types of environments.

4) Toshiba Kirabook 13 i7sKirabook_13-i7s-touch_Ultrabook_35835199_-2

TouchThis is a laptop that can do it all. It weighs only a couple of pounds, it is thin and compact and it has an excellent screen that is ideal for any type of activity. This is a laptop that can do virtually anything and as a result, it has become one of the most popular choices among professionals due to its immense versatility and its ability to store large amounts of information.

5) Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-edge-e431-main

This is a truly unique laptop because it is designed expressly for business professionals and all of the demands that go with it, yet it is extremely well priced. It comes in at a mere fraction of the cost of other laptops that are currently available on the market but it has no problem keeping up with any of them. For anyone that is looking for a high quality laptop that can get the job done without spending a fortune, this is an excellent option.